martes, 17 de abril de 2007


I liked a lot this level because it was so interesting and the teacher is so good and very creative, she makes the classes more interesting and exciting.In this level 2,I learned many things and this final proyect is amazing.

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

About me!

Hi! this is my first blog.I'm going to post all my tasks.
Now I´m going to talk about me.
My name is Yuluitzi Camacho but everybody calls me yolui,I'm from maracaibo Venezuela originally.I'm nineteen years old and I study accounting at urbe.
I love dancing, go shopping,talking on the phone and speak English.
I hate all the vegetables, getting up early on weekends and pets
and you? do you want to introduce yourself?


In this unit we studied directions, so we practice how we get a place from other place, making questions.

-1. A: where is the Camino real center?
B: it’s across from the camara de comercio.
A: how do I get to the Camino real center from the San José church?
B: walk up forty six avenues to la playa Avenue.
Turn left at la playa Avenue.
It’s on the right.
-2. A: Where is the hector Gonzalez Mejia library?
B: it’s next to the soma clinic.
A: how do I get to the hector Gonzalez Mejia from the camara de comercio?
B: walk up forty six avenues to la playa Avenue.
Turn left at la playa Avenue.
It’s on the right.

A dialogue. A health problem.

In this unit we did in the classroom a dialogue about health problems. Also we did a dramatization.


Yuluitzi: hi! Aurita how are you? You don’t look well.
Aurita: yeah I feel bad. I feel sick.
Yuluitzi: I’m sorry to hear that but you should go to the doctor.
Aurita: yes I’m going to the doctor this afternoon.
Aurita: hello doctor my name is Aura, nice to meet you.
Doctor: nice to meet you too. What’s your problem Aura?
Aurita: well… from this morning I feel very bad, I have a headache and stomachache.
Doctor: I’m going to check you let me see your mouth.
Aurita: what’s my problem doctor?
Doctor: it’s not that bad. You must have a virus but it’s so normal.
Aurita: ok doctor. I will come next week.

What about you? Have you go to the doctor, when you feel sick?

A healthy girl.

In this unit I’m going to talk about health, health problems and what do I take when I am sick.

Am I a healthy girl?
Yes I am. I don’t have health problems but sometimes I get a flu or a cold, it’s so normal because it could happen to whoever any time of their life, for this I take teragrip or I drink lemon with honey.
Usually my head hurt I think it happens because I go to bed to late, I work until midnight so I don’t sleep so well for this I take some pills like ibuprofen or aspirin.

What about you? Do you have health problems?

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

My talent.

In this part I’m going to tell you about my talent. What’s my talent?

I know how to make brownies. What do I need?
I need 1 cup of butter, 1 kilo of sugar, 8 eggs, 9 kilo of flour, 1 cup of milk and 300gr of chocolate.
How do I prepare it? First I mix the eggs with the sugar, then I add the butter, the flour and the chocolate after that I add the cup of milk.
Why do I like to make brownies? I like because they are delicious and easy to prepare so I don’t even take an hour to prepare them.
When do I prepare it?
I prepare brownies for a family dinner, a family or friend party or on Sundays afternoons.

Now, what is your talent? Would you like to taste my brownies?


In this article I’m going to talk about sports. I think sports are exciting and great because you can get a good shape. I asked to a classmate what does she play? What sports does she like? What is her talent?

Her name is Diana Marquez. She likes sports so much, she likes tennis and soccer. She knows how to play tennis really well but she doesn’t watch sports on TV because she doesn’t like. She plays tennis on weekends in the afternoons; she goes to Italy house to play it. Her brother plays with her.
She thinks of sports they are exciting and you can get a good shape.
Her favorite sport is soccer, her favorite team is Barcelona and her favorite player is ronaldiño.
She can dance as good as possible. Her talent is musical.

What about you? Do you like sports? What sports do you like?